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ISIS 2000B
3The INTEGRATED SHIPBOARD INFORMATION SYSTEM (I.S.I.S.) is the marines industry original fiber optic monitoring system! The I.S.I.S. uses smart acquisitions units to collect, fiber optic technology to transmit, and graphics monitors to display shipboard operating data. Introduced in 1989, I.S.I.S. units have become the preferred alternative to cumbersome mechanicla gauges and othe monitoring systems.

The new I.S.I.S. Model 2000B offers additional features that enable the system to be used as a yacht management tool and a GPS navigational charting system. Pentium powers allows the I.S.I.S. 2000B to be installed with any existing yacht management software, or by using various databases, you can configure your own management program. Also, using pre-installed charting program, the I.S.I.S. 2000B can allow you to see your vessel's position on the latest digital charts from the NOAA/BSB, CHS, or Maptech charts.
Most importantly, the I.S.I.S. 2000B lets the captain view yacht management information or navigational screens while continuously monitoring realtime shipboard data.
I.S.I.S. 2000B Hardware
Hardware for the I.S.I.S. 2000B includes 2 Data InterconnectUnits (DIU) designed to collect digital and analog sensor inputs. Each DIU can monitor 16 inputs and is paired with a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU). The DAU is designed to convert sensor inputs from electrical currents to modulated light signals that are transmitted via fiber optic cabling to the Data Processing Unit (DPU).

The DPU contains a state-of-the-art processor that uses WindowsTM to run I.S.I.S. monitoring and selected navigational charting programs simultaneously.  A large storage system contains all navigational charts and I.S.I.S. historical data.  Standard I.S.I.S. run timers included with our integrated vessel maintenance system, makes routine maintenance scheduling and reminders a snap.  The DPU is powered by a  115/230Vac switching power supply fed from an UPS unit.

A standard VGA cable connects the DPU to the primary Data Display Unit (DDU) in the pilot house with a resolution of 1024x768 @ 60Hz.  The DDU can be a standard pilothouse computer monitor, plasma display or a high intensity daylight viewable flat screen with touchscreen capability.  Concurrently, data can also be distributed to all TV sets on board your vessel using a XGA to NTSC converter and is internet,sat.com compatable.

Key Benefits

View a full electronic navigation chart, management reports and ISIS system screens simultaneously
Easy operation using a touch screen or trackball control at the main data display unit
Pentium power processing
I.S.I.S. Technical Specifications
Electrical   Materials, Enclosures
Operating voltage & power consumption 115Vac (optional 24Vdc, 32Vdc)
Data Display Unit (DDU) 2.0 Amps @ 115Vac
Data Processing Unit (DPU) 1.5 Amps @ 115Vac
Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) 0.2 Amps @ 12-24Vdc
DDU Molded ABS Plastic
DAU Aluminum
DIU Aluminum
DPU Aluminum
Mechanical   Environmental
15" (380mm)
15" (380mm)
16" (410mm)
13" (330mm)
11" (280mm)
6.5" (170mm)
9.5" (240mm)
9" (230mm)
2.75" (70mm)
14" (360mm)
3" (76mm)
1.25" (32mm)
Storage Temp -5° to +131° F (-20.5° to +55° C)
Operating Temp +32° to +90° F (0° to +32.2° C)
Humidity 0% to 90% Non-condensing
Standard Hardware Configuration   Options
Data Display Unit (DDU)
Data Processing Unit (DPU)
    with power supply
Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
Data Interconnect Unit (DIU)
Interconnect Cabling (DIU to DAU)
2 @ 3 ft.
Fiber Optic Cables (DAU to DPU)
350 ft.
Additional DIU/DAUs (8 additional units can be added for a total of 160 monitoring inputs)
Customized sensors, senders and limit switches
Captain's log, keyboard entry
Customized programs
Print for hard copy reports

Remote Access Capability

Additional 160 channels using Fiber Optic Mux
Examples of Monitored Functions    
Analog   Digital
Engine oil pressure, RPM, vacuum boost   • FM200 system discharge; Smoke detector
• Temperatures (engine water, air intake, etc.)   • Hatch switches; over-temperature switches
• Battery voltage, bilge levels, fuel levels etc   • Bilge level alarms; timed pump running; etc.


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