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5RGM Industries Inc., is proud to present a new modular system that uses smart acquisition units to collect, advanced fiber optic technology to transmit and graphics monitors to display shipboard information. The new INTERGRATED SHIPBOARD INFORMATION SYSTEM (I.S.I.S.) Model 500BME contains a more robust processor, twice the historical data storage capability of the original I.S.I.S. 500 and also includes an onboard upload/download unit.

The I.S.I.S. Model 500BME has a built-in user programmable Limited Shipboard Maintenance Program. Using this program, routine maintenance items, such as engine lubricant, oil and filter changes, are set to a countdown timer. As the engine operating hours progress, the I.S.I.S. Maintenance Program uses an on-screen prompt to notify the vessel operator when a maintenance item is due. Each time a maintenance item is completed, the countdown timer for the item is reset and the process is started again. Critical engine items are preset at factory recommended intervals. However, the vessel operator can change these values within prescribed limits. Individual sensor alarm values or screen attributes may also be changed by the vessel operator using a simple security code that is entered into the control panel. This security code also prevents unauthorized system tampering.

Like the original I.S.I.S. 500, the 500BME is user friendly. Using a four button control panel, the operator can easily scroll through the various data screens.
I.S.I.S. 500BME Hardware
Hardware for the I.S.I.S. 500BME includes two Data Interconnect Units (DIU) designed to collect digital and analog sensor inputs. Each DIU can monitor 16 inputs and is paired with a patented Data Accusation Unit (DAU). The DAU is designed to convert sensor inputs from electrical currents to modulated light signals that are transmitted via fiber optic cabling to the Data Processing Unit (DPU).
DPU contains a high-speed processor that is powered using a state-of-the-art 115Vac switching power supply with optional 230Vac. The new data storage system for the I.S.I.S. 500BME is more than twice the size of the Model 500 and also includes an internal floppy disk drive for easier updating and downloading of historical data.

A standard SVGA cable connects the DPU to the primary Data Display Unit (DDU) in the pilot house. The DDU is a high-resolution (1024x768 @ 60Hz) color monitor that displays sensor information in a variety of user-defined screens. This information is controlled and accessed by entering commands using a four-button control panel or mouse. The control panel may be installed in any location that allows the operator to view the information on the DDU.

Key Benefits

Monitors more shipboard functions than the orginal I.S.I.S. 500 and the new I.S.I.S. 500BEE
User friendly four button control panel
On screen prompts and menus displays sensor information in a variety of user-defined screens
Technical Specifications
Electrical   Materials, Enclosures
Operating voltage & power consumption 115Vac (optional 24Vdc, 32Vdc)
Data Display Unit (DDU) 2.0 Amps @ 115Vac
Data Processing Unit (DPU) 1.5 Amps @ 115Vac
Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) 0.2 Amps @ 12-24Vdc
DDU Molded ABS Plastic
DAUEC Aluminum
DIU Aluminum
DPU Aluminum
Mechanical   Environmental
15" (380mm)
15" (380mm)
16" (410mm)
12" (305mm)
11" (280mm)
6.5" (165mm)
9.5" (240mm)
9" (230mm)
2.75" (70mm)
14" (360mm)
3" (76mm)
1.25" (32mm)
Storage Temp -5° to +131° F (-20.5° to +55° C)
Operating Temp +32° to +90° F (0° to +32.2° C)
Humidity 0% to 90% Non-condensing
Standard Hardware Configuration   Options
Data Display Unit (DDU)
Data Processing Unit (DPU)
    with power supply
Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
Data Interconnect Unit (DIU)
Interconnect Cabling (DIU to DAU)
2 @ 3 ft.
Fiber Optic Cables (DAU to DPU)
250 ft.
Additional DIU/DAU (1 additional unit can be added for
a total of 48 monitoring inputs)
Customized sensors, senders and limit switches
Dot matrix printer for hard copy reports
Customized programs
LCD flat screen display
Examples of Monitored Functions    
Analog   Digital
Engine oil pressure, RPM, vacuum boost   • Halon system discharge; smoke detector
• Temperatures (engine water, air intake, etc.)   • Hatch switches; over-temperature switches
• Tank levels of fuel and water (fresh, gray, black)   • Bilge level alarms; timed pump running; etc.


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