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4Electronic Charting
With the I.S.I.S. Electronic Charting accessory feature, you’ll be able to see your ships position in real time on the latest NOAA, CHS, MapTech or ARCS electronic chart while I.S.I.S. continues to monitor all your important shipboard systems behind the scenes. With a click of the mouse, you can switch from charting to I.S.I.S. or the yacht management program. [more . . .]
5The I.S.I.S. 2000B and 1000B systems can monitor a maximum of 160 shipboard functions. The new Multiplexer expands this monitoring capacity to 1,600 shipboard functions! This new fiber optic system expands shipboard monitoring capacity and eliminates the need for dual I.S.I.S. systems onboard large vessels that have hundreds of monitoring points. [more . . .]
Remote Access
RGM's new Remote Access feature can be added to the I.S.I.S. 2000B and 700B systems. A built-in modem allows you to access vital shipboard monitoring functions using a cellular phone, land-line phone or satellite linkup. Remote access means that your I.S.I.S. system can be remotely controlled from a desktop or laptop computer in your home, at your office or wherever. [more . . .]
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