Customizing Your I.S.I.S. System to Meet the Specific Needs for Your Vessel
RGM has developed a comprehensive installation process that guarantees that your new I.S.I.S. system will be custom configured for your yacht or sailing vessel.

Before an authorized dealer begins installing I.S.I.S. system hardware such as data acquisition units, fiber optic cables and flatscreen data displays on your yacht or sailing vessel, your system must be configured to monitor specific shipboard systems on your vessel. RGM forwards a questionnaire, sent as an Excel spreadsheet or comma delineated text file on disk or CD-ROM, to you to complete and return along with any electronic files or drawings on paper of deck schematics and systems diagrams of your vessel. This information is what RGM's engineers will refer when configuring your new I.S.I.S. unit for your vessel.

RGM takes the information on the questionnaire and assigns electronic sensors to each shipboard system. Then, each shipboard system is assigned to approproiate Data Aquisition Units (DAU), which gather data and sends it through fiber optic cables to the Data Processing Unit (DPU). The DPU sends the data to the primary Data Display Unit (DDU), usually a flat screen monitor located in the vessel's pilot house, and to all Remote Display Units (RDU), additional monitors located elsewhere onboard.

Once the software in your new I.S.I.S. system is custom configured for your vessel, an authorized dealer will begin installing the system hardware. The following diagram is a visual reference for how the I.S.I.S. system hardware will be installed throughout your yacht or sailing vessel.

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