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The I.S.I.S. 2000B and 1000B systems can monitor a maximum of 160 shipboard functions. The new Multiplexer expands this monitoring capacity to 1,600 shipboard functions! This new fiber optic system expands shipboard monitoring capacity and eliminates the need for dual I.S.I.S. systems onboard large vessels that have hundreds of monitoring points.
3The Multiplexer requires 12-24 volts D.C. at 500 ma. to operate. The system has multiple fiber optic output drivers in addition to one ( 1 ) RS - 422 output that has a maximum transmitting range of 1,599 - feet. In addition, one ( 1 ) RS-232C output is provided for diagnostic purposes, or for connection to a serial port on a personal computer.
The use of the latest fiber optic technology eliminates electrical interference, wiring corrosion and inaccuracy due to long cable runs. Since there is no electrical current running through the Multiplexer, fiber optic cabling it can be installed under carpets, in ceilings, inside walls and bulkheads or placed in plastic tubes. Fiber optic systems are safer than conventional wiring systems that carry an electric current and they are also immune to outside electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
Key Benefits
  Advanced Fiber Optic Technology
  Modular design adapts to structural constraints
  1,600 shipboard functions
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