Press Releases

I.S.I.S. 400EE
Our newest product, The 400EE, is designed to meet the need of the midsize yacht, sportfish and sailing vessel owner.

New Upgrades

What's better than your current I.S.I.S. unit? Why one that's upgraded, of course!

Yacht Security
You protect your house and car, but what about your boat?

The Age of the Marine Glass Cockpit Has Arrived!
The I.S.I.S. 2000 is an important component included in the industry's first marine glass cockpit featured on Lazzara's new 94-Foot Yacht.

I.SI.S. 2000 Press Release
RGM Industries ushers in the Age of the Marine Glass Cockpit with the release of the I.S.I.S. 2000.

Media Coverage

What's New in Electronics

Southern Boating, April 1998

Engine Monitoring Systems
Ocean Navigator, April 1998
Labor of Love
Power & Motor Yacht, September 2003, page 62

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