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I.S.I.S 2000B

The I.S.I.S 2000B monitors and displays dozens of vessel systems, and at the same time can run preselected yacht management programs and electronic charting systems interfaced with your GPS. [more . . .]
I.S.I.S 1000B
The I.S.I.S 1000B offers features such as upload and download capabilities, additional event recording and time and date stamping. The I.S.I.S 1000B also allows the captain to view yacht management information while monitoring realtime data. [more . . .]
I.S.I.S 700B
The I.S.I.S 700B is similar to the I.S.I.S 2000 but without the yacht management and electronic charting capability. The I.S.I.S 700B builds on the older I.S.I.S 700 and features a shipboard maintenance program and additional storage capabilities. [more . . .]
I.S.I.S 500BEE
In addition to a more robust processor and greater historical data storage capacity, the I.S.I.S 500 BME includes a programmable Limited Shipboard Maintenance Program (LSMP). As engine operating hours progress, an on-screen prompt notifies the captain when maintenance items such as engine lubricant and oil changes are due. [more . . .]
The I.S.I.S 500BME includes all product features of the I.S.I.S 500BME. However, two additional Data Acquisition Units and two additional Data Interconnect Units greatly increase the number of monitoring inputs. [more . . .]
Visit our Accessories page to learn more about product features such as Remote Access, Electronic Charting and the Multiplexer that can enhance the performance of your ISIS unit.

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