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RGM's new Remote Access feature can be added to the I.S.I.S. 2000B and 700B systems. A built-in modem allows you to access vital shipboard monitoring functions using a cellular phone, land-line phone or satellite linkup. Remote access means that your I.S.I.S. system can be remotely controlled from a desktop or laptop computer. Now you can review shipboard alarms, set and check the security system, download historical information and view all I.S.I.S. screens in your home, at your office or wherever. With the electronic charting feature installed on the I.S.I.S. 2000, you can even see the boat's present location.
Fleet managers can program their office computer to remotely access their fleet and collect important performance and safety data. In addition, data can be formatted for popular spreadsheet and database applications for effortless data management.
Another feature is the ability for I.S.I.S. system software upgrades to be made via telephone from the factory. This greatly reduces the time and expense of field service calls.
Key Benefits
  Remote control and access of the I.S.I.S.
  Performance data management
  Factory review and upgrades
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