The Integrated Shipboard Information Systems (I.S.I.S.) provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your yacht or sailing vessel is always secure. Vital information from throughout your yacht is constantly monitored, recorded and displayed at the helm. If any
1parameter exceeds or drops below your preset limits, an alarm is sounded and displayed at the helm and any other locations you select.
The I.S.I.S. is the marine industry's original fiber optic monitoring system. First designed back in 1989 to collect, relay and display shipboard operating data simply, the I.S.I.S. now can also be used as a yacht management tool and as an Electronic Charting System (ECS) with optional interface to your GPS navigational information.
Operating the I.S.I.S does not require a Bachelor of Science college degree in computer science nor does it require reading a 500 page user's manual. Since its inception, I.S.I.S. has been designed as a user-friendly system that literally lets your fingers do the walking. Older I.S.I.S. models feature on-screen prompts and menus that correspond to a simple four-button control panel on the Data Display Unit (DDU). More recent models feature a Windows NT system that uses a touch screen or trackball to maneuver through the I.S.I.S. program and the Electronic Charting System (ECS) navigation program.
2A Complete Historical Record
At any time you can call up, display and print out a complete historical data graph of all your ship's systems. This data can be accessed from the bridge or from your home and office using the built in remote access capability.

Why Choose a Fiber Optic System?
The use of fiber optic cabling eliminates common electrical wiring problems such as interference, corrosion and inaccuracy due to lengthy wire runs. The special plastic fiber optic cables which are an integral part of the I.S.I.S. design can also withstand the harsh marine environment. Though rugged, these thin plastic fiber optic cables are lightweight and can be easily connected or terminated by using only a sharp knife.
Custom Graphic Image Displays
RGM can include scanned images and Auto CAD renderings of your vessel in the I.S.I.S. system. During the programming of the I.S.I.S. system for your vessel, RGM's engineers can create and integrate Auto CAD renderings of each deck and system on your vessel from either paper drawings or deck schematics and systems diagrams supplied in electronic file format on a floppy disk or CD-ROM.

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This custom feature allows the I.S.I.S. system on your vessel to serve as an on-line manual and drawing display unit. As you call up various monitoring functions in your I.S.I.S. system, decks and systems will be rendered on the monitor display as they actually are on your vessel.

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